fredag 12 juli 2013


Here is some example of technical illustrations.

Parts illustration for SMD/Radiologic

Parts illustration for Volvo cars

Illustration for Preemraff

Drawing of a pushrod (Jordan F1)

Illustration for Najad sailboats

Air-bag lift sequence for Niklassons Gummi & Mekaniska Verkstads AB

Assembly instruction illustrations for Carpe Diem beds of Sweden AB

Cut away illustrations for Carpe Diem beds of Sweden AB


Here is some examples of cartoons and pictures in a cartoon style.

cartoon fire extinguisher

Chrismas illustration for advertising, Norrlands Custom AB

Cartoon illustration for Polyamp

Christmas card for American car club

Birthday gift illustration

X-mas card

T-shirt print

Caricature cartoon

Cartoon test for a car magazine

Cartoon for Wheels magazine

Test work for Mumin children´s magazine

Test work for Garfield cartoon project

Test work for a new cartoon project

Test work for Hälge, the cartoon moose by Lars Mortimer

Photoshop painted

some psd pantings.

Painted for Volvo cars. Introduction illustration

Painted design for DMS racing team

Concept car for a racing game. Painted with outlines

Testpainting of a sky background cloud for Sluggerfilm

Background paintings for the animated movie, Bamse och tjuvstaden.
Producer: Tre Vänner
Studio: Sluggerfilm

Design and outline by Thomas Holm
Painted by me.

Painted by me.

Painted by me.

Painted by me and light/shadow edit by Ola Larsson

Daylight Painted by Ola Larsson and Nightcolor edit by me

How to...

Sometime when I made a picture I start using regular tools like pen and paper. Ink an outline and scan the handdrawn picture, then finish it in photoshop. An other way is to make the outline in a vectorprogram using a ref-picture like in this case from a game car 


Some samples of design.

Design for a battery charger. Surepower AB

Design for dive suits exhaust valves, SI TECH AB

Concept design for a car game. Sim Bin

Graphic design

A few samples of graphic design.

Front and back page for SSSA information folder

Ad for racingdriver Alex Haegermark´s Lambretta watch
Including photographing and photo edit
Background photo by Tommy Hostrup Galskjær

Helmet design for Alex Haegermark

Car "paint"design for Alex Haegermark

Car "paint" design for Bohlin Racing AB